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Hey, I’m


Actor / Singer / Dancer


About Me

I am a singer, actor, and dancer based in NYC and originally from Portland, OR.  My love for acting and singing started at a young age. I adored Hilary Duff and would make up dance routines to all of her songs. I also forced every adult (and child) to play make believe with me. My grandpa kindled my love for theatre by showing me every old MGM movie musical, especially anything with Judy Garland. It's due to him that I love Golden Age theatre the way I do. He took me to see The Phantom of the Opera at age 7  and I was forever hooked.

While I love Golden Age theatre, I don't believe the shows were always written with strong and  independent women in mind. I want to take those roles, which were written to support a male through line, and give them the power and growth that they deserve.  If I'm not performing or at rehearsal, I can be found trying new restaurants and recipes. I'm a huge foodie! Check out my facebook page for tons of Tasty videos!


What's New?

I am currently out west at Woodminster Summer Musicals to perform as Louise in Gypsy. Rehearsals are going great and I cannot wait to perform with such wonderful group! The show runs June 9th - 18th. Find more information about the show below.




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