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    NYC-Based Performer

    raised in Portland

    trained in NYC

    singer | actor | dancer


  • Hi! I'm Jessica Caldwell

    I am a singer, actor, and dancer based in NYC and originally from Portland, OR. My love for acting and singing started at a young age when I forced every adult to play make believe with me. My favorite game to play was "princess," and I always had to be Cinderella, which came full circle when I was cast as the resident Cinderella for two seasons at The Madison Theatre. If I'm not found in a practice room or rehearsal, I am probably eating. Food is my favorite part of the day, and I plan days around what food I will be eating, especially dinner. Check out my Facebook for some great Tasty videos (which I also spend copious amounts of time watching).



  • Photos

    Here are some of my favorite shots from past projects I've done!

    All About Me!

    A collection of photos from my life, including headshots, solo shots, fun vacations, and more!


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    My senior mainstage, where I was ecstatic to play Hope Cladwell!


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    March 2020

    Director/Choreographer: Parker Esse

    Music Director: Jake Turski

    Madison Theatre, NY

    Photography: Jeff Wilson


    "The Fantasticks"

    I had the opportunity to take on the dreamer, Luisa, in The Fantasticks!


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    August 2017

    Director: Paul Angelo

    Music Director: Valery Saul

    Choreographer: Kathleen Jung

    Portland, OR


    "A Dream is a Wish: Princess Concert"

    I got to teach and play with young audiences (and lose a slipper or two) as Cinderella


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    April 2018 - April 2019

    Director/Choreographer: Angelo Fraboni

    Music Director: Aaron Gandy

    Madison Theatre, NY

    Photography: Anthony Vela

    "Song and Dance Project"

    This was a cabaret style dance show of classic musical theater songs. I performed in Something Better Than This (Sweet Charity), She Loves to Hear the Music (The Boy from Oz), and Blow Gabriel Blow (Anything Goes).


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    October 2018

    Director/Choreographer: Lori Leshner

    Music Director:Doyle Newman

    CAP21 Conservatory, NYC

    Photography: Anthony Vela

  • Videos

    See me in action!

    Somebody, Somewhere

    The Most Happy Fella


    Come Home

    Will Van Dyke


    Think of Me

    Phantom of the Opera

    Dance Selections

    She Loves to Hear the Music - Choreo. Lori Leshner


    Tumbling - Round-off Back Handspring

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  • Resume

    Feel free to download my headshot and resume here, or contact me for more info!